Muslim Media Hub

Join us in Establishing the
First Ever Muslim Media Hub in North America

This Ramadan, lend your support to the Muslim Media Hub, a space dedicated to reshaping the narrative around Islam and Muslims through the power of media. As we continue to grow, your support can help launch exciting projects that promote proactive, long-term narrative change.
$2.4 M
Cost of Building Purchased
$1.0 M
Raised so far
Your support is vital for:

The Building Purchased

Assist in the development and expansion of our hub—a home for creativity, dialogue, and community.

Elevating Our Programs

Support programs like Everyday Muslim Heroes and the
Short Film Lab, which amplify Muslim voices and stories.

This Ramadan, Make an Impact

Support Us: Your contribution this Ramadan can help get these exciting projects off the ground. Every action you take makes a difference.

This project is zakah-eligible and your contribution is tax-deductible.

Spread the Word: Help us reach more people by sharing our vision with your community.

Together, we can harness the power of media to create a more understanding and inclusive world. Your support is not just a donation; it's a partnership in creating a legacy of positive change.