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Welcome to the Muslim Media Hub Short Film Lab, a dynamic and engaging platform for young Muslims like you, aged 18-25, to dive deep into the world of documentary filmmaking. Located in Mississauga, ON, and supported by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, this program offers an intensive and hands-on learning experience, focusing on the art and craft of documentary filmmaking.

Program Overview

April 13th - June 8th
8-week intensive program
Every Saturday, 3-4 hours each
Mississauga, ON

Your Opportunity to Shine in Filmmaking

With the guidance of industry professionals, you'll understand the intricacies of documentary filmmaking. You'll get practical experience, enabling you to conceptualize, shoot, and edit your own short documentaries, telling your story and connecting with peers who share your passion.

Core of the Lab

This lab isn’t just about teaching; it’s about immersing you in the entire process of documentary filmmaking. From your initial idea to the final touches in post-production, you will journey through each critical stage.

Comprehensive Curriculum


You'll develop the skill to transform abstract ideas into concrete documentary subjects.

Technical Training

Get hands-on training in essential filmmaking techniques, such as camera work, sound design, and editing.


Understand the subtleties of editing, color grading, and finishing a film.

Industry Know-How

Gain insights into the distribution and marketing of documentaries, learning how to effectively reach your audience.

Meet the Instructors

Discover the instructors behind our Short Film Lab, dedicated professionals with unique stories and invaluable industry experience to share.
Qais Pasha
Qais Pasha is the lead instructor at the Muslim Media Hub Short Film Lab. An acclaimed filmmaker and educator, his credentials include a win at the New York Science Fiction Film Festival and experience leading the CBC Diverse Creators Workshop. With a commitment to nurturing emerging talent, he combines his narrative artistry and technical expertise to mentor aspiring filmmakers.
Yazmeen Kanji
Yazmeen Kanji is a Muslim Indo-Caribbean filmmaker and CEO of Films With A Cause. A Hot Docs Accelerator Fellow, her work includes award-winning documentaries like From Syria To Hope and With Love From Munera. Currently developing a documentary on systemic racism in healthcare and producing a short film about an Indo-Caribbean teenager, her films focus on narratives of joy and hope.
Eman Pathan
Eman Pathan is a producer focusing on themes like home, identity, and belonging. Her notable work includes the film Kashif, selected for several film festivals including TIFF Next Wave. She is also the CFO at the Future of Film Showcase, which supports emerging Canadian filmmakers. Eman holds degrees from York University and the Schulich School of Business, and is dedicated to enhancing the diversity of Canadian cinema.
Rime Eljadidi
Rime is a writer and filmmaker from Casablanca, now based in Toronto. Her documentary The Dublin Pitfall about the Eastern European refugee crisis has screened globally, including at Amnesty International's Refugee Week Festival in London. She crafts stories that bridge cultural specifics with universal themes. Fluent in five languages, Rime's films emphasize the diverse yet unified nature of human experiences.
Ben Wong
Ben Wong is a Toronto-based cinematographer, photographer, and colourist, known for his diverse portfolio including films, commercials, and music videos. A graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University with an award for Best Cinematography, his films have been recognized at film festivals like Palm Springs Shortfest and LAAPFF, and have won accolades including Best of Showcase at WIFT 2022.
Deena A. Alsaweer
Deena A. Alsaweer is a film director and Fulbright Scholar with an M.A. in Film/TV from SCAD. Over the past decade, she has written, directed, and coordinated various international projects, collaborating with CBC, Yamaha, and Netflix, among others. Her portfolio includes EPKs for films like Netflix's "Geek Girl" and Hallmark's "Shifting Gears". Deena's work spans diverse platforms and genres.
Khaled Mansour
Khaled Mansour is a camera operator and video editor at Rogers Sports and Media, significantly shaping content for City News and OMNI TV. With over a decade in media production, he has contributed to over 7000 hours of live shows and major projects like "Let The Quran Speak" and "New Canadians TV." Khaled also has experience in sports and event coverage and once aimed for a professional basketball career.
Issa Shah
Issa Shah is a Muslim Pakistani-Guyanese cinematographer with over a decade of experience in diverse visual storytelling. His work includes impactful projects like the documentary "Communal Futures: Juma Circle" and collaborations on sustainable fashion with TheOne08. Issa has worked with notable brands such as HBO and Lululemon, using his films to foster understanding and drive positive change.

Program Deliverables

Personalized Documentary Project

You will actively contribute to creating a short documentary film, honing your skills in a real-world project.

Certification of Completion

You will receive an official certificate recognizing your skills and dedication to the art of filmmaking.

Connect With Us

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