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For over 22 years, our popular television show, Let the Quran Speak, has been transforming public conversations about Islam and showcasing the rich diversity of Muslims’ lived experiences.
Originating from a vision to represent Islam and Muslims authentically and meaningfully, this show, featuring Dr. Shabir Ally and Dr. Safiyyah Ally alongside a myriad of experts, movers, and scholars, presents a Canadian Muslim identity to the broader public. This identity is rooted in optimism, an unwavering commitment to knowledge, deep respect for diversity, dedication to fairness, and a sincere concern for the vulnerable.

Building on the transformative impact and success of LQS, we realized the potential for a broader platform.

This led to the birth of the Muslim Media Hub.

Founded by Dr. Shabir Ally and Dr. Safiyyah Ally, the Muslim Media Hub stands as more than just a platform. It represents a community of dedicated creators, thinkers, and change-makers passionate about inclusivity, diversity, and the profound impact of storytelling. This unique hub has become a sanctuary for Muslim talents worldwide, offering a space to meet, brainstorm, join forces on projects, and craft content that genuinely mirrors the multi-faceted Muslim experience.

From insightful interviews, riveting documentaries, and captivating web series to invaluable educational resources.

Muslim Media Hub is equipped to produce a vast array of content. Our vision is dynamic, always aiming to grow, adapt, and encompass new voices and fresh ideas. We’re not only focused on altering the narrative but also on enhancing it, knitting together the diverse threads of our community into a beautiful, cohesive tapestry.

Empowering our community remains at the heart of our mission. To this end, the Muslim Media Hub offers an array of resources, training, and tools that equip our community members to narrate their stories with authenticity and flair. As we charge forward in the media spaces with technical expertise and creative verve, we're helping Muslims globally leverage the power of media to reshape perceptions and foster a deeper, more inclusive understanding of Muslims.

A bit about our achievements.

Our commitment to authentic representation and meaningful dialogue has resonated with a vast and growing audience. Their engagement is a testament to our impact.

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Testimonials on LQS

Testimonials from Islamic Scholars on Let the Quran Speak (LQS)

"22 years on the air! Let the Quran Speak started with humble means and today it’s “the Muslim show” on television. The show has reached homes and places that cannot be reached by any other means besides media. Congratulations on a beautiful, inspiring show that advances and honours humanity."

Imam Hamid Slimi

"This channel has produced top-notch programming that looks to the immediate and future needs of Muslims and addresses topics that are important to our lives here in Canada. It’s amazing the number of hours that have gone into the program and the quality of work that has been done."

Imam Abdurrashid Taylor

"I’ve always thought of myself as an open minded individual, but after watching your show for a few weeks, I discovered some remaining unconscious biases that I had towards Muslims. Your dedication to presenting Islam as a rational and moderate system of belief and way of life has had an immense impact on me and I’m extremely grateful to God for inspiring you to do the great work you do."


"I am not Muslim. I came upon Let the Quran Speak by pure coincidence. I am pleasantly surprised by the level of intellect and realistic talk. I know that there are thousands of different opinions in every religion, but unfortunately the very conservative side of Islam is often seen as the norm. I am feeling a bit dumb to have subconsciously conformed to that narrative."


"I am a convert and learn Islam basically by myself. Thank you very much for your wonderful YouTube channel LQS. It really helps me to understand Islam and become a better Muslim. Lots of love from Switzerland to the entire LQS Team!"


"I find your TV show intriguing. Though I myself am Christian and intend to remain so, I dream that some day we can all live together in peace and harmony. Thanks to people like you, that dream may become a reality."


We warmly invite you to be a part of our family at
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Share your narrative, engage with pioneering individuals, and ensure your voice resonates loudly and clearly. Because at the Muslim Media Hub, every story is valuable, and every voice finds an echo. Welcome to our ever-growing creative family.

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