Spotlight Event: Winning the Media War – Owning the Story of Islam, Muslims, and Palestine

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Winning the Media War Event

In an era where narratives shape perceptions and perceptions shape realities, the power of media representation cannot be overstated. This truth holds profound significance for communities frequently misrepresented or underrepresented in mainstream media narratives. The Muslim community, along with the diverse stories of Palestine, often finds itself caught in narratives that do not fully capture the richness, complexity, and humanity of their experiences.

Recognizing the urgent need, Muslim Media Hub is proud to host a fundraising dinner event: "Winning the Media War: Owning the Story of Islam, Muslims, and Palestine." This event is not just a gathering but a call to those who believe in the power of stories and the necessity of diversity in media representation.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, February 24th

Time: 4:00 PM

Location: ISNA Canada, 2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga

Why This Event Matters

In a world brimming with information yet starving for truth, the stories we tell matter more than ever. For too long, the narratives around Islam, Muslims, and Palestine have been shaped by those outside these communities. It's time to reclaim the pen and the podium. This event aims to create a space where powerful media representation is not just discussed but actively forged.

Featuring Distinguished Speakers
  • Faisal Kutty: A lawyer and professor with deep insights into the intersections of law, media, and Muslim representation.
  • Shree Paradkar: A journalist known for her fearless pursuit of truth through media.
  • Dr. Monia Mazigh: An author and activist whose work embodies the power of stories in recognition and understanding.
  • Shaykh Abdalla Idris Ali: A community leader whose wisdom and experience bridge the gaps between cultures, faiths, and generations.

Why Attend?
  • Engage in Vital Conversations: This event is a rare opportunity to delve into discussions about media representation and its far-reaching impacts.
  • Learn from Experts: Our speakers bring a wealth of knowledge on navigating and influencing media narratives, offering invaluable insights for attendees.
  • Support a Crucial Mission: By attending, you contribute to the Muslim Media Hub's mission to empower and amplify Muslim voices in the media landscape.


Price: $30

Buy Tickets Now – Secure your spot at this significant event and be a part of shaping the media narrative.

Be a Part of the Conversation

Your voice matters. This evening promises to be one of empowerment, inspiration, and community. Together, we can build understanding and create a media landscape that reflects the true diversity of our world.

Join us for an unforgettable evening where we not only discuss the power of representation but actively work towards a future where every story is told with respect and truth.

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